Our aim  is to contribute to innovative concepts for the management of urban waters – in Berlin and beyond. We want to encourage new research on the ecological functions of urban waters and wetlands as part of urban nature. We want to gain knowledge that is applicable to the functioning of these ecosystems in urban areas, in order to inform better planning and decision making e.g. regarding natural stormwater management and river revitalization in Berlin.

These topics are our focus for possible research and application projects:


Aquatic ecology, urban nature and biodiversity

  • River revitalization and functional connectivity in urban environments

  • Engineering biology, green infrastructure and nature-based solutions

  • Urban waters and recreation


Ponds, stormwater management and climate adaptation

  • Water scarcity, hydrology and climate adaptation

  • Pollutants and biodiversity


River basin management

  • Implementation of the Water Framework Directive

  • Water management and Blue Community Berlin


Urban waters and healthy cities

  • Bathing in streams, lakes and rivers

  • Urban blue, greenways and recreational areas


Urban waters in the context of environmental strategies

  • Urban waters and wetlands in Germany's "Masterplan Stadtnatur"

  • The federal program for inland waterways "Blaues Band" in urban areas


In these areas a variety of research questions can be derived, for example

  • Which revitalization or management measures have proven to be efficient and effective for urban waters?
  • Which waterstretches are not yet passable for migratory fish?
  • Where is potential for floating islands, vertical wetlands and other modular structures to bring more nature to Berlin?
  • Where do people have access to the water and for what activities? Where can we create new access to waterbanks?
  • Where and how can we increase the experience of nature at watersites in berlin? Where do we lack of infrastructure for paddlers, anglers or nature observer?
  • Wich waterbodies are little or no longer in use?
  • Where could we create new (river) bathing sites or revive old ones?